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Ghosts at the Mysterious McMenamins Edgefield Hotel | Troutdale, Oregon | Historical | Paranormal | BoiCGH

Just beyond the iconic Columbia River Gorge lies the historic town of Edgefield in Oregon which dates back to as early as 1911 The land was originally known as a 'poor mans farm' or Multnomah County Farm was where wheat and corn and livestock were produced.

However, today you will find a wonderfully restored stately building namely the McMenamins branch 'The Edgefield Hotel'. Edgefield is now one of Oregons highest rated historical locations!

With over 100 accomodation rooms, and their prized 'Black Rabbit' restaurant, in house  movie theatre and on site glass blower, there is much on offer, including an exciting historical past and rumours of hauntings!

The area of Edgefield in Portland is well documented for its reports of paranormal activity and strange goings on!

After the McMenamins purchased the property it is believed they arranged for a spiritual cleansing of the place as there were bones found, possibly belonging to wild animals but arranged in the shape of a pentagram as if rituals had been held here!

It is believed a lady and her baby died here from chickenpox and that their bodies were buried here. Could their spirits still roam these grounds? Some guests actually claim to hearing a child crying at night and a mothers  comforting voice where there are unoccupied rooms!

One night is is reported that a guest called the Manager to the room as they felt so uneasy and the two of them heard an audible loud voice shout 'Get out!'.

Are you brave enough?

Why not book a room now! And share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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