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Ghosts of Nostalgia at The Linkville Playhouse Theatre | Klamath Falls, Oregon | Haunted | Paranormal | Historical

Located in a small corner of the tallest building in downtown Klamath Falls is the delightfully nostalgic Linkville Playhouse Theatre often referred to as 'the little theatre with big adventure'.

The Pelican Players, The Linkville Players and Kamath Civic Theatre join their dramatic talents and host up to eight annual productions each year!

The building is believed to be actively, albeit 'politely', haunted by a man named Ralph who once worked here as an actor on stage who sadly died in 1992.

Acting was his whole life! his passion! He would come to the theatre every single day and it seems he is still hanging around!

Some have spotted the ghost sitting on pew chairs, always around rows 22, 23, with his feet up, non-chalantly smoking a pipe! It is believed his favourite interval was the dress rehearsals and many visitors flock hoping to catch a glimpse of the kindly spirit.

During closed hours staff claim to hearing sounds of 1920s distant music as if a production of years gone by is replaying through time! Others have heard voices and seen lights where no one is present in the room.

Many paranormal teams state they have visited the location numerous times and never fail to collect evidence of paranormal activity, especially audio and light from the sound booth when unoccupied!

Why not book a ticket for an upcoming production such as The White Rabbit & Alice and see if you spot any guests from other realms!

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