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Ghouls at The Geiser Grand Hotel | Baker, Oregon | Haunted | History

This welcoming historical hotel originally used as a working mans hostel is well documented for its paranormal activity! So much so that well known television crews have visited in the hopes of catching a glimpse of something supernatural!

It is said the third floor is tremendously active and many staff are too frightened to even go up there after dark!

The eery full body apparitions of a man and a younger girl have both been seen frequently walking throughout the hotel.

Guests report the sounds of distant echoing parties in their room and that lights switch unexplainably on and off and taps rapidly turn on with force causing water to gush over the sinks !

One guest reported being abruptly woken up to her room being lit so brightly as if a UFO had landed!

Another visitor stated their normally content family dog went berserk and would not enter the room!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 

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