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Halloween 1980s Style | Halloween | Seasonal | Community | Fun | BoiCGH

The 80s really was symbolic when it comes to Halloween.

Another great era for some of the most iconic movies ever to be released.

Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) inspired replica knife gloved children to peer around almost every corner and sharp toothed piranha flowers potted in yards across - Little Shop Of Horrors (1984).

And how was life even fun before the release of Beetlejuice (1988)? Ha.

Ok so what about Halloween décor back then?

What did that look like?

Well it was all about fun fun fun!

People really let go in surburbia and décor went all out.

Neighborhoods created some truly elaborate and ghoulish front yard scenes. It seemed celebrating the macabre was being relished in every way.

Plastic skeletons swung from white picket fences, Dracula sitting on a sun chair and rows of tombstones lined the lawns.

There are some memories only an 80s kid will understand. Like struggling to breath through those first released hard plastic masks, but heck, they look good anyway right?

Schools began hosting Halloween parties as eager children concoted red blood fruit juice to celebrate the spooky season.

Let us know if you can add to our list and tell us YOUR favourite spooky era in the comment section below.

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