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Harem Ghosts and a Turkish Sultan | The Sultan Palace | New Orleans French Quarter | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

The house at 716 Dauphine Street in New Orleans historical French Quarter is widely believed to be actively haunted by many ghosts.

This four storey palatial home was erected in 1836 by Jean Baptiste LaPrete, a plantation owner. LaPrete was experiencing monetary losses and decided to rent the home out. The very first tenant was a gentleman claiming he was a former Turkish Sultan, now Prince Suleyman. 

The home was duly decorated and heavily secured as the ex Sultan brought with him a large family and many riches. 

Locals began to speculate that the Sultan was using the home to facilitate midnight hedonistic orgies. A strong smell of incense, a steady supply of young men entering the property, exotic dancers and local reports of young girls going missing may not have been just coincidence.

The place was reported to have become a harem.

One day a local man observed that there was blood dripping from one of the windows and all over the main entrance door. Authorities were called out and to their horror, discovered body parts, mutilated and strewn throughout the home. There were beheaded corpses and even the body of the Sultan himself had been buried alive in the surrounding grounds, his hand still visible above the soil as he grasped for his life one final time.

Residents who have since lived at this property report much paranormal phenomena including the sighting of the Sultan himself, intense icy cold spots and unexplained temperature fluctuation. Also experienced here is a strong smell of incense burning just like the harem days, and stomach churning sounds of bodies being chopped up and hitting the floorboards.

Passers by report the full body apparition of a male figure who stands at one of the lower level windows. One tenant reported she saw her dog physically pressed down to the ground by some invisible force and many state that pets are hesitant to enter this property. 

It is said that animals are extremely sensitive to the supernatural realm and often pick up on energies. Could these pets be sensing the spirit of the Sultan?

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