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City Haunts And Barnacled Sea Monsters | Haunted Harbors Of The Oregon Coast | Astoria | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Oregon | America | BoiCGH

There are many alleged hauntings of the Oregon Coast.

Historic port cities, and surburban towns built over the dead.

Astoria is officially the oldest city in Oregon and is a major port at the mouth of the Oregon river which offers breathtaking panoramic views from its world famous Astoria Tower.

Astoria dealt in early fur trade run by John Jacob Astor, this is where the towns name Astoria originates from. As settlers came in, the town rapidly expanded and even survived some deadly wild fires. Astoria proudly opened the very first working Post Office this side of the Rockies back in 1847.

The Astoria Bridge links Astoria to Washington, which remains a main trading area today.

Over the years there have many hundreds of reports of hauntings all across Astoria.

The Liberty Theatre which first opened in 1925 is said to be haunted by a ghost known as ‘Handsome Paul’, a male spirit. Paul manifests wearing a very smart suit and is said to enjoys flirting with the living ladies.

Popcorn machines will activate on their own which takes many staff by surprise and many have witnessed the apparition of a fully uniformed firefighter supernaturally circulating the premises at night.

The Flavel House Museum was home to Captain George Flavel and his family in 1951 and is a hotspot with paranormal investigators presenting a wide array of phenomena including an overpowering floral perfume drifting through the air and ghostly otherworldly music. It is suggested the museum is haunted by the Flavel family in spirit.

Local folklore tells of ‘Colossal Claude’, a 40ft tall sea creature with a barnacled horses head and long serpent like tail. Claudes favorite hang out?  The mouth of the Columbia River.

Today the town thrives in tourism, fishing trade and an expanding cosmopolitan art scene.

A beautiful place, rich in history, well worth a visit.

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