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Haunted Harpo Studio Site | Eastland Boating Disaster | LaSalle Chicago Illinois | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

In 1914 The Eastland cruise boat was moored just outside Chicagos Reid Murdoch building, located in LaSalles River North district, which you may know as Chicagos Harpo Studios where The Oprah Winfrey Show broadcast from.

The Harpo Studios section was torn down but the Reid Murdoch building is a designated protected landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The building today comprises various thriving first class retailers such as River Roast, The Rug Co, The Kitchen, amongst other award winning restaurants and bars.

But it also comprises something else. Spirits. This seven storey terracotta brick establishment is believed to be actively haunted by multiple entities.

In July 1915 tragically the Eastland boat capsized resulting in 844 deaths including immigrants and working class families.

This was considered the largest loss of life at a single incident in the history of Chicago.

That’s a lot of souls.

It is speculated that this disaster was actively covered up from the public eye because the boat did not have appropriate safety precautions in place with no ‘panic bars’ being installed.

But what they couldn’t hide was the very real paranormal phenomena people began encountering at the site.

Tourists and visitors alike have witnessed full spectrum apparitions seemingly ‘running and screaming’ and unexplained splashings in the nearby river.

An entity known as The Gray Lady who is believed one of the victims who was onboard the Eastland is often seen lingering within the building.

Also encountered are the disturbing sounds of children, screaming.

Could these be the residual screams of those little children who lost their lives aboard the Eastman?

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