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Idahos Magic Valley is known for its paranormal activity and noted as one of Americas most haunted locations. Twin Falls is the largest city in a 100 mile radius.

Let's take a look around!

Milners Gate Brewery Poltergeist

This extremely popular 1915 built brewery pub and restaurant is reported to be haunted. The General Manager Brian claims their security camera captured night footage of unexplained paranormal activity with barstools spontaneously moving specifically at 11pm.

Brian states that the building used to be a masons site and the workers would ring a bell and take a break at 11pm ! This footage has been described as shocking. Paranormal teams have reported being scratched at and hearing unexplained music.

Possession in Nampa

A local man from Nampa claims his home was extremely haunted and he had seen dark shadow figures and even he himself felt as if he had become possessed at one point.

Stricker Ranch Ghost Kids

The current caretaker at the ranch claims he was woken from his sleep by an entity tapping him on the shoulder and has seen the ghost of a small child here who vanishes before his eyes. Visitors claim that they feel a very real presence in the upstairs area.

Officer Frights At Twin Falls Police Depot

Early in the nineties a local town sheriff from downtown Twin Falls claims their state police dispatch and transportation department was haunted and they witnessed much strange phenomena leaving many troopers and sergeants a little hesitant to begin their patrols.

Mysterious Lights At Twin falls Ballroom

This location as been reported to have visual light anomalies floating across the room and items moved around.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Idaho section as we will be adding more to the Magic Valley haunted location list.

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