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The Mourning Sunset Cries And Unearthed Bones At The Haunted Lake | Scobie Pond | Francestown New Hampshire | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting |

Haunted Lake, also known as Scobie Pond, is a lake which dates back to pre colonial times.

Allegedly the location was once ravaged by a raging fire which destroyed all people and creatures in its sight leaving the land charred.

It is believed that the land still mourns that loss today.

Today the location is popular with kayakers, anglers and nature lovers.

When honorable environmental surveyor, Matthew Paton, investigated this area in 1773, himself and his team set up camp near the pond.

He described that, not long after the sun had set, they heard horrific shrieks and otherworldly groanings throught night, as if people were being tortured in another realm that we cannot see. These disturbing sounds continued until dawn. 

Many believe these sunset cries to be the grieving souls of those lost in the fire that took the land so long ago.

Would you be brave enough to come here at sunset?

I know i would love to.

David Scobie and his family maintained local mills near the lake until 1860. Today the lake is owned by Francestown with several residents owning sections of its coastline.

Local workmen once discovered the skeletal remains of young man believed to be a local hunter who was killed in the woodlands.

Many describe a feeling of being monitored and followed and unsettling splashing sounds coming from the waters.

What really is going on here at Haunted Lake?

True to its name, Haunted Lake, continues as a location renowned for its paranormal activity including full spectrum apparitions, shadow figures darting about and random bursts of icy cold winds, even during the hot summers.

Are any of our readers from New Hampshire?


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