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The Highlander Ghost at Stirling Castle | Scotland | Historical | Paranormal | Haunting | Scotland | BoiCGH

Stirling Castle was optioned for use in the smash hit movie Braveheart and Scottish pop singers The Proclaimers have performed live from its majestic turrets! Situated amongst the white cliffs of Scotland, this castle is drenched in mystery and intrigue.

There are three graveyards immediately surrounding the castle. Historically this was Scotlands most important castle dating back to the twelfth century as Mary Queens of Scots was actually crowned here and it is believed her spirit actively resides at the castle even today.

In the 1800s a man jumped off a castle wall to his death when he attempted to defeat French soldiers. Perhaps more sinister are the reports of a group of local children who went missing from this area.

The children went to work as chimney sweepers at the castle and were never seen again. Perhaps even more disturbing are the reports visitors hearing childrens cries near the fireplaces.

Visitors stand in awe as they look at secret binary codes etched into the walls. Many guests describe feeling as though they are being followed and watched as they roam the corridors. King James the fifth was known to remove his crown and change into humble clothing in attempts to mingle amongst local crowds. He was much loved. His daughter at just one week old succeeded him to the throne after his death shortly after her birth. Her name was Mary - Queen of Scots.

Nine bodies have been found from years gone by inside the castle, buried in shallow graves. Could one of these be who us known as the Highlander ghost? Since 1935 people have witnessed the full apparition of him dressed in tartan kilt with sword and mistaken him as dress re enactment acting staff but there are no re enactments or such staff here.

Many people have seen shadow people walking along the guards watch rail at night?

Another ghost is the Green Lady who was servant to Mary Queen of Scots. One night the servant lady caught a candle to her bedroom curtains and died extinguishing the fire to save her Queen Mary.

Just outside on the castle grounds is a built up feature known as The Cup n Saucer because of its shape. A round raised grass mound area which hollows in the centre reminiscent of a round saucer or even a rounded table. There has been much debate over the true purpose of this outdoor landscaping and many considered the idea that it could actually be the site of King Arthurs Knights of the Round Table, as its structure continues to an underground construction.

Footsteps from empty chambers are regularly heard by visitors. Could this be the spirits of the missing children playing amongst the castles rooms?

Truly a fascinating location surely worth a visit if ever you are in bonnie Scotland.

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