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Have You Seen Amys Ghost? | Lick Road Cincinnati Ohio | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

Lick Road is a narrow winding road just off Kemper Road in Cincinnati Ohio. 

This road, located near the Richardson Forest Preserve, is rumoured to be intensely haunted and reported as being very dangerous for vehicles to drive. 

A lady named Amy was murdered here by her boyfriend and left on the roadside. Sadly, Amy was just a teenager. She is believed to residually haunts Lick road today. Is Amy looking for help?

Many pedestrians report hearing unexplained commotion and running footsteps in the surrounding woodland and vehicle drivers frequently report unexplained bangings on vehicle doors and feeling nauseated and icy cold when travelling this road.

Could Amy be trying to enter these vehicles?

Many have witnessed full body ghostly apparition sightings along this route which clearly is a dangerous and unnerving experience! It is said that if you flash your headlights three times that Amy will manifest and write the words 'HELP ME' in the condensation on windows.

It is said that once you see Amy she will haunt your nightmares forever.

Are you brave enough to find out for yourself, or is Amy a little too much for you?

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