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Here at Boise City Ghost Hunters, we will always endeavor to seek solid practical evidence by way of structured investigation and experimentation, using the highest quality equipment you will find in the paranormal field today, with long hours of in depth analysis.

We don’t always have the answers, yet we will strive, with our community, to ascertain them.

Let’s talk about poltergeists.

What exactly IS a poltergeist?

The word poltergeist actually means ‘noisy boisterous spirit’.

However, if it were just noise, there would not be much concern.

But what is alarming is that poltergeists are known to spontaneously ‘lash out’ and can cause physical damage, hurl items across a room, cause light bulbs to explode, bang doors shut, violently push, scratch and attack the living and even start fires.

Many have described hearing accompanying audible deep guttural groans and menacing demonic laughter whilst the activity is taking place.

Very often a pattern is seen whereby poltergeist phenomena is seemingly drawn to the energy of teenagers, particularly adolescent females, yet younger children and males are not discounted.

It is suggested the entity recognises female teenagers to host a specific array of varied and heightened emotions, due to hormonal changes, and seeks to draw energy from that.

They will usually, but not always, attach to one specific person.

It is suggested that anyone undergoing any kind of stress, anxiety or trauma, may also be susceptible to drawing in poltergeist activity.

Poltergeists are not only noisy but can also be manipulative.

They have been known to remain silent in the presence of paranormal investigators and Priests, some have suggested this is through fear of being discovered, silenced or moved on.

However, they will not release their attachment easily.

There have been incidents of younger children seen to physically interact with poltergeists.

For example, rolling a ball to and fro.

These children are usually experiencing high levels of emotional unrest and it is suggested such children become almost an easy prey for the powerful predatory poltergeist.

What I would like to know is have any of our readers ever experienced anything which could be considered as poltergeist activity within the home?

Items moving

Loud bangings

Unexplained noise

Being physically pushed or scratched at

Doors slamming

Faucets turning on / off

Toilets flushing unaided

Are you being targeted by a supernatural predator?

Please call Boise City Ghost Hunters if you need assistance.

We will endeavour to help any situation as best we can. 

Knowledge is power.

I would like to discuss this topic further.

Please leave your comments below.

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*


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