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INVESTIGATING GHOSTS The Scientific Search for Spirits | Benjamin Radford | Applied Research

INVESTIGATING GHOSTS - The Scientific Search for Spirits by Benjamin Radford

I recently read a book by Benjamin Radford the great mind that brought us Scientific Paranormal Investigation! Ben is a self professed skeptic AND ghost hunter with an ever inquisitive mind. There is so much to garner from his 'scientific evidence as opposed to heresay' approach, which I personally feel is the only reliable way forward in paranormal investigation field. For far too long, far too many have settled for misdiagnosed results, incomplete analysis and become lost within the ghost hype that sadly is becoming all too common in the paranormal  world today. Radford pulls the curtain right back to basics, addressing the urgency of obtaining solid scientific evidence. He is all about common sense, stoic critical thinking and appliance of the correct and necessary technique! Radford touches on the role of psychology and how sometimes all we need to do is simply 'connect the dots'. Here are just a few quotes from the book

"it is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry",

"be willing to abandon a hypothesis if it proves useless, and never try to force an explanation to fit the facts",

"mystery is just unresolved facts, just because a jigsaw doesn't seem to fit doesn't mean it is broken you need to solve the gaps",

"science does not operate on opportunity",

"there is no way we can claim something is evidence if we do not know the absolute facts",

"forget your EMF recorders, this book is all you will need in your toolkit".

Radford has even included some user friendly graphics eg five point charts with ballpoint checklist of investigating. Many folks are seeing what they 'want' to see, what they 'thought' they saw. Always back to the facts please! I recommend reading this book to anyone interested in scientific research and I will continue to read Ben Radfords informative works!

Investigating Ghosts: The Scientific Search for Spirits

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