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Just say NO to the Ouija Board! | Informational | Boise, ID | Paranormal

They come in just about any color you want anymore.  From classic tan to bright pink.  It is considered a game by the majority and sold in just about every major department store around.  I am talking of course about the ouija board.  I will lead off by saying Boise City Ghost Hunters does not in any way condone the use of ouija boards in any instance.  Many in the paranormal research field feel these games, that seem harmless, are a welcome mat to the most harmful of creatures.  It is believed that opening the doors to the unknown through inexperienced ouija play can create more problems than ever imagined.  Many have played the game to simply see what it's all about.  Some have played to reach long lost relatives and loved ones.  An unfortunate number of souls have played the game to push the limits of what would and what could.  How many of us as teenagers faced a decision to participate in playing the ouija board?  How many of us although against our better
judgement and more than likely our religious beliefs played anyway?  The dangerous fact is that teenagers seem to be the most vulnerable to fall victim to any negative energies willing to come out.  Teenagers have seemed to be at the highest risk, especially, young females to become attached to these entities.  Allowing the possibility of a poltergeist which not only endangers the youth but the family that surrounds them.  Although many of the stories aren't documented with evidence.  And most of what you hear from the paranormal community are theories.  It appears to me that the odds are in favor of the unknown, not those with the desire to know.  We at Boise City Ghost Hunters strongly urge you to just say NO to the ouija board.  Quick question for the reader.  Have you ever used a ouija board?  And if so was the outcome positive or negative?

We strongly advise against using the Ouija board because you are inviting voluntary possession by spirits, demons or departed souls. I would like to caution anyone that it's pure chance which sort of entity you will contact and the results may be unpleasant even horrific so say NO to ouiji board usage.

I'm also advised not to use the ouija board. You said right that it harms the teenager most as they don’t know anything and just try such things for a fun time. At the end, they have to suffer a lot and then they don’t have any courage to tell anybody what they did to themselves. Thanks for website update everyone should follow.

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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