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Here at Boise City Ghost Hunters, community is everything. If we can help just one individual or family better understand unexplained events which may be surrounding them, our job is done.

Are you currently experiencing unsettling phenomena within your home or maybe you know a friend or loved one who is?

Although our mission is to search the scientific we will never discount claims of ghosts. There is no issue we would deem problematic, but rather we actively seek to exhaust all areas of analytical and technical investigation.

Ghost stories are as old as time itself, and the debate surrounding them just as timely.

According to a recent poll, 45% of Americans stated they DO believe in ghosts, with almost 30% describing how they experienced first hand paranormal accounts. Hundreds said they believed 'ghosts bridge the gap between past and present so that saying goodbye to loved ones hurts a little less'.

Scepticism will of course always put forward the rationale mind and interpretation of its surroundings. What, therefore, is to be said for the hauntingly real voices captured by way of EVP (electromagnetic voice phenomena) recordings?

Although many of our local historical landmarks appear nothing more than eerily abandoned sites, some would suggest that not everything stays in the past.

The presence of spirit often coincides with a depletion in electronic equipment. So is it coincidental that so many have experienced exactly that when investigating supposedly haunted locations?

Active spirits, ancient town secrets. What does the paranormal mean to you? What makes a place 'haunted'? 

When it comes to haunted locations, Idaho has many. Legends of miners, spirits of settlers, ancestral apparitions, whispers through plantations and even a family who suffered demonic attack (this article is linked below).

We must consider the sheer volume of reports surrounding our landmarks. Even if you do not believe in the paranormal surely we must recognise just how vital it is to conduct experimental analysis. One can never truly discount something unless it has been disproved. Idaho is known for its many allegedly haunted locations.

What seems 'real' to one person may not be necessarily so to another. As always, our team are eagerly endeavouring to move forward utilising a professional approach. Whether natural or supernatural, with precise analysis and unrivalled expertise, we will set about seeking a rationale remedy to all viable enquiries. 

Science, spirit, theology, metaphysics, superstition, dreams, emotional change. There is much involved and i look forward to discovering what the paranormal means to you personally. Come and say hello in the comment section.

Do you have any personal paranormal experiences you would be willing to share? Sometimes if one person shares their story it may help another person who may be going through the same.

We offer FREE OF CHARGE investigations and are passionate about educating and researching the paranormal.

Please share your comments with us below.

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*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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