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Levitating Beds and Blood Drenched Chamber Maid At The Menger Hotel | San Antonio Texas | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Blood drenched ghosts and levitating beds are only for the movies right?


The Menger Hotel in San Antonio was opened in the Alamo Plaza in 1859, during the civil war, by Mary and William Menger who utilised the site as a medical treatment centre for injured soldiers.

This historical hotel is located near where the 1836 Battle of Alamo took place. This battle was pivotal in the Texas Revolution. Thousands of Texans were killed when Mexican soldiers seized Texan forts. Although Texan Alamo defences withstood attack for over thirteen days, eventually they were overpowered and the Mexicans reclaimed the Alamo building.

Many famous faces have been spotted staying at the Menger Hotel including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Ronald Regan and Theodore Roosevelt.

But it's not the living we are interested in, you know that.

This hotel is believed haunted by hundreds of spirits, possibly the spirits of soldiers who died here when it ran as a hospital.

Staff and guests continually report creepy and disturbing events. Phenomena is as varied as its spirits and includes strange noises coming from walls, faces in mirrors, electrical disturbance, phantom aromas of cigar smoke and disinfectant and even levitating beds.

One of the more familiar entities spotted here is that of an alleged chamber maid, fondly known as Sally, who fully manifests by way of full spectrum apparition. But be prepared as Sally appears as though she has been injured, holding a towel to her stomach.

As she removes the towel one is presented with the sight of blood, dripping bright red blood, falling down her uniform to the floor. Also noticed is an open bullet wound to Sallys neck area. This spirit is non malevolent, does not interact and is of a residual nature. 

Maybe Sally is simply emotionally attached here after tending to the injured war ravished soldiers.

Others report to witnessing none other than the spirit of President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, who stayed here on numerous occasions, supernaturally lingering the hallways today.

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