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The 'Cold Case' Spirits at Lewiston Civic Theatre, Lewiston, Idaho

The town of Lewiston in Idaho has been described as 'a cultural corridor displaying much wealth and history'.

But did you know that Lewiston is known for not just 'historical' but also paranormal activity! Hold on tight!

In the early 80s some local Idaho students who were doing some holiday work at the theatre, and a janitor, suddenly disappeared. 

Many say that a man who worked with them inside the theatre had kidnapped the said group but with no further leads or evidence, apart from heresay, investigations ceased.

The bodies of the girls were later found but the janitor was never located. 

Yet even today visitors claim to strange occurrences within the theatre. Ghostly apparitions have been seen in the auditoriums balcony area which include a woman dressed in bridal gown!

Please comment below if you have ever visited the Theatre!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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