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Little Ghost Girl 'Molly' Haunts Elevator at The Lord Baltimore Hotel | Baltimore Maryland | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

Baltimore is home to two of the most haunted hotels in the State and both feature on Americas Top 25 Haunted Hotels list.

The first hotel is the Admiral Fell Inn (article linked below).

The second is the Lord Baltimore. Please, step inside. Much awaits you, even the ghosts!

This 1928 built hotel proudly retains a place on the National Register of Historical Places and was once the tallest building in the city but succumbed to the Great Fire of 1904 during the Great Depression.

Located downtown at 20 W. Baltimore Street and, with ninety years of history behind its walls, it comes as no surprise to learn that there has been no shortage of paranormal phenomena reported here.

From fleeting shadow figures to unexplained supernatural handprints which bizarrely manifest on the walls before eerily disappearing.

It was documented that, tragically, there were 'at least' 20 people who jumped to their death rather than burn alive during the Great Fire and it is suggested that many of those spirits still reside here supernaturally. Locals have stated 'They jumped, they died, they haunt the hotel today'.

There are also rumours of a separate incident. A family who stayed here with their little girl 'Molly' who made her way to the rooftop and fell to her death.

This little girl is believed to linger on the nineteenth floor, the most haunted area which is particularly active. Many have witnessed seeing this little girl fully manifest, by way of full spectrum apparition, wearing a long white dress.

It seems Molly prefers to stay nearby the elevators.

Is this child spirit looking for a way out?

One question remains.

Are you brave enough to approach those elevators and press the 'CALL' button?

Because if you are, we certainly would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below.

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