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Little Girl In Blue Dress Haunts Kings Island Theme Park | Mason Ohio | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

This 364 acre amusement park, just north east of Cincinnati, was established by Coney Island authorities in 1964 and later sold to Kings Entertainment. Later on the park was sold to Paramount.

Much of the site was demolished over the years. However, in 1972, the park reopened with previous staff even coming out of retirement to aid momentum going forward. 

It didn't take long for Kings Island to flourish. The park rapidly grew and was even featured in the 1970s sitcoms The Brady Bunch and also on The Partridge Family showcasing its ever popular rollercoasters. 

In 1975 it was at this very park American Stunt man Evil Knievel leaped 14 Greyhound buses on his Harley, breaking world records. 

In 1979 their most famous rollercoaster, The Beast, was introduced to the theme park. It was this very ride which began the resurgence of the rollercoaster mid 70s. 

But did you know the park is reportedly haunted?

Tragically, there have been many deaths at this theme park throughout the years. In 1982 a man fell down the elevator shaft of the replica Eiffel Tower, his body was horrifically sliced into pieces as he fell onto meshed live wires. Another incident occurred in 1996 when a man was mauled to death after falling into the lions den.  

One OctoberFest, a man reached into the fountain and was electrocuted, his friends attempted to help and they also were electrocuted. Only one of the group survived but spend the rest of his days confined to a wheelchair. 

Staff report a varied range of paranormal phenomena all across the theme park. Several maintenance staff have reported hearing desperate screams echoing through the darkness after hours.

In 1965 a little girl drowned in a nearby lake, her body was found, she wore a blue dress. The parks most sighted apparition today is that of a little girl in a blue dress roaming the parking lot, waterpark and restaurant areas. 

Need we say any more?

This little spirit girl is not shy and has been known to interact with the living. It has been suggested that the little girl is sad because her burial site was paved over during reconstruction work. 

Does that break your heart? It breaks mine and my initial reaction is ‘how can that little girl be helped?’. 

Visitors actually come here in the hopes of spotting the little girl in blue.  

The park is open today. 

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