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The Ghost Station Londons Haunted Underground | London | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | United Kingdom | BoiCGH

Did you know Londons underground rail Tube system is reportedly haunted?

Not far from Oxford Street in London there is an old disused train station, situated between Tottenham Court and Holborn stations on the the Piccadily Central Line. 

The station, which was closed in 1933 and briefly used as a military command post and is now known as The Ghost Station believed to be cursed by a vengeful entity.

The station is rumoured to be haunted by Egyptian princess Amen-Ra (the hidden god) whose loin clad mummified are kept under lock and key at the London Museum and can be viewed today. This princess was named 'The Unlucky Mummy', and it is said her spirit is allegedly perplexed because her original tomb was vandalised. 

Many have reported ghostly apparitions of the Egyptian princess roaming Londons underground.  Amen-Ra is said to roam the train lines once darkness falls. Voices, cries and screams have been heard and many report witnessing her silhouette ominously disappear through dark tunnels.

Could this spirit be seeking retribution?

In 1935 two ladies disappeared from the station and authorities offered a cash reward to anyone willing to aid in the investigate the station. Not one person volunteered, the people were so fearful.

If you visit London Museum, be sure to check the Princess is in her rightful place.

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