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Manchester Demon🇬🇧 UK

The 'Shuck' Demon

There are many great ghost stories associated with Manchester Cathedral. The most famous of a man and his sister who was named 'Fanny' who lived many miles away from him. 

Long after all the other churchgoers had gone home, the he knelt down and began to pray then he looked up to see Fanny!

He thought she must have made a special surprise trip to see him. 

'Fanny?! 'he called out to her smiling, only to watch her disappear. Sadly the next morning friends contacted him to inform him that Fanny had passed away during the night. '

Now on to discover the' Legend of The Black Shuck' which proclaims that the cathedral and its surrounding grounds are haunted by a giant demonic hound. Many believe the 'Shuck hound' is an actual underworld demon bringing doom and death on all who see it! Which makes us wonder if there a connection to Fannys death here? 

What do you think? Please share any thoughts below. 

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