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Marilyn In The Mirror | Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel | California Hollywood | Historical | Paranormal | Haunting | America

Just past the 'Walk of Fame' on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, is one of the most famous, and most widely talked about hotels in the world. Built in 1927, the hotel was a known hotspot for the Hollywood elite and hosted the very first Academy Awards ceremony in its luxuriously decadent Blossom Ballroom (pictured below).

The hotel is a true nostaligic gem, oozing class, glamour and style and has been hailed as being 'Californias most paranormally blessed hotel'. The hallways are rumoured to be supernaturally frequented by a rather star studded cast!

The hotel was a firm favourite with actress Marilyn Monroe, along with many other stars of the same era. Guests have reported encountering the full body apparitions of past on-screen legends such as Carole Lombard, Rudolph Valentino and some claim they have been patted on the back by Montgomery Clift!

Many claim to seeing the ghost of Marilyn Monroe 'clear as day' in the powder room and bar area! People describe feeling a 'certain kind of magic' here. A past cleaner said she was cleaning a bathroom mirror in Suite 1200 and noticed a blonde haired lady peering back at her!. The cleaner quickly turned to speak to the lady but she had vanished! Upon enquiries the cleaner later discovered that Suite 1200 was previously Marilyn Monroes favourite room when she stayed here!

The hotel was purchased by the Radisson chain in the mid eighties. Many claim to seeing spirits wearing tuxedos holding silver trays. Could these be waiters from the past ? Doors spontaneously bang open and shut and unexplained flitting shadow people are often witnessed. Perhaps more sinister is the spirit of a little girl who is frequently seen constantly crying out for her 'momma'. 

Could the legends of yesteryear still be residing here supernaturally?

Why not book a room and let us know if you experience anything paranormal! We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Photographs sourced at | lifeandtimesofhollywood.comROCKEFELLER KEMPEL ARCHITECTS — ProjectPage: Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

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