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Martha The Poltergeist Supernaturally Blasts Crystal Chandeliers At The Wausau Club | Wausau Wisconsin | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

The Wausau Club in Wausau Wisconsin was built in 1902 by wealthy lumber traders. The club was used as a bowling alley during the 1920s and even had its own underground network of secret tunnels. These tunnels were used for bootlegging when alcohol trade was banned during the prohibition. The tunnels today are sealed off.

The east wing of old club house is haunted by the spirit of a lady, known as Martha, who hung herself in one of the rooms upon discovering she was pregnant. Martha is not happy.

Guests have encountered the full spectrum apparition of this lady, ascending the grande staircase. As Martha manifests and storms by, it is said she initiates supernatural blasts which actively cause the crystal chandeliers to forcibly swing back and forth.

Some spirits do not simply rest in peace, many suffer conflict and unrest. 

What do you think Martha is angry about? The phenomena Martha demonstrates is classed as a poltergeist haunting. 

Poltergeists are usually known and described as being of huge concern and are usually troublesome. There are many levels involved in the intensity of a poltergeist, they are not your friendly ghosts.

Let's just hope Martha stops at moving the chandeliers. Because if she really wants to she could get much noisier (Poltergeist meaning 'noisy spirit'). 

Angrier poltergeists will readily blast furniture across rooms, violently hurl objects which in itself is extremely dangerous. They can levitate objects and, if they choose to, can kick, bite and scratch the living.

Many have experienced high levels of unexplained electrical disturbance and staff have described how during the night hours, front desk computers will suddenly turn on and off unaided.

Many have complained that items will mysteriously go missing and show up in completely different rooms.

A group of workmen complained that their tools had been mysteriously located as they worked on site.

If it's a quiet break you're after, don't come here.

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