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Mothman at RAF Bomb Reserve Facility | England | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

Llanberis Bomb Reserve unit is an abandoned bomb disposal facility situated in the heart of North Wales. The depot is reportedly extremely actively haunted.

On 25th January in 1942 the roof collapsed and 14,000 tonnes of bombs descended from an overhead cargo delivery train, horrifically crushing and killing many personnel beneath. Many say these unfortunate spirits still haunt the site today.

The facility was immediately abandoned and is now a derelict location which im informed is used by teenagers for underground parties and events. Many of these youngsters have come forward and reported finding alters and ritual markings engraved on the walls!

Whistling sounds, strange lights, unexplained whispers, apparitions, dark floating shadow people and demonic voices are just a few of the things experienced by paranormal teams.

But even more fascinating is the fact many believe this delapidated facility to be haunted by the infamous MOTHMAN entity himself.

Some locals even claim they have seen tge legendary Mothman wandering the cold damp eery perimeters! Mothman was originally sighted in Virginia, America, back in 1966 when gravediggers saw the red eyed, humanoid, winged mothman hovering above them.

Mothman was reportedly seen on the Silver Bridge in the 1920s literally minutes before it collapsed killing 46 victims.

In the UK Mothman is referred to as Owl Man. But most alarming is that he is always seen just before catastrophe strikes!

Some even claim to have seen him moments before the twin towers disasters on 9/11.

Now we have sightings here in Wales United Kingdom and investigators claim to hearing and seeing lots of movement and activity. A black shadow man eminating a negative aggresive aura has been seen many times.

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