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Anyone else out there experiencing anything similar to what im about to describe? So its happened about a dozen times now, i go to bed, im reading a book, and i hear noise from the far right corner of the room, like a rustling sound. A few times ive heard things move on my bedside cabinet, quite forceably. On two ocassions i saw things actually move, one was a pen, one was a hair tie, visibly rocking from side to side, i hadnt touched the hair tie since i set it down about two hours earlier. Sometimes i see a shadow pass the door entrance wen im alone and the atmosphere seems to change. Anyone else have any similar experiences?

My friend who lives close by has two pets, a cat and a dog. During the last few months neither pet will enter the living room. Both will very often will just bolt straight up the stairs as if they are afraid of something. Has anyone else experienced anything similar with pets?

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