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Not All Paranormal Is Evil | Catholic Church | Priest | Hillsboro, Ohio | Informational | BoiCGH

“...Not all experiences are evil. Sometimes they’re helpful,” Paraniuk said..."

Fr. Paraniuk of St. Mary Catholic Church Hillsboro, OH says he has experienced the paranormal.  Having been called upon to perform house cleansings for his parishioners.  Along with helping evil presences move on.  Father Mike believes that not all paranormal experiences are evil...

Paraniuk took over the congregation of St. Mary in November of 2005.  Replacing Father Stan Luehrmann that passed away in July earlier that year.  One day while in his new role of residing over the church.  The tabernacle key had come up missing.  After stepping away he returned to find the key resting on a nearby surface.  Fr. Paraniuk is certain it was Father Luehrmann that place the key there.  

Luehrmann made his presence felt another time coming to Father Mike in a dream telling him to paint the ventilation grates blue during a restoration project at the church.  Fr. Luehrmann suggested that the original color choice of pink would show dirt to easily.  Father Paraniuk took his suggestion to heart.  And it is said that the grates are still blue today...

Based on an article by Isabella Warner - The Times-Gazette

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Angela Jane

Such a worthy and valid point! 

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