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Oregon Vortex and Mystery House | Gold Hill Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Oregon | America | BoiCGH

The Oregon vortex and mystery house is a 1930s built house which is an open public tourist attraction. The location is known for its gravity induced optical illusion and paranormal activity.

But is it just an illusion?

Situated on ancient land. Originally named 'the forbidden ground' as it was believed to be cursed ground which retained the energy of evil spirits.

Native Americans claimed their travelling horses have been known to visibly bolt and flee upon approaching this area.

The house sunk into the foundations but on a diagonal angle yet anyone who stands inside appears upright in posture.

It is a well documented location for paranormal occurrences with gravitational anomalies and multiple reports of apparition sightings.

The location has been featured on many televised paranormal investigations and has left many scientists and scholars puzzled.

It is believed the apparition is the spirit of the Scottish scientist who first discovered the area Dr John Lister. His ghostly countenance has been seen standing non nonchalantly leaning up against the side of the house on many occasions.

Inside the nearby gift shop there are original photographs on the walls which show supposed orb and light anomalies in the vortex house throughout the years.

Many believe the optical illusion element is more than just gravity but rather paranormal in nature. 

If you fancy being 'optically' challenged and are curious to see objects rolling UP a slope instead of DOWN then you need to check The Vortex House out.

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