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Orofino | The Golden Days | Mining Camps and Nez Perce Indian Reservation | Idaho Heritage | Community | Historical


If only for a while...

History is not only about celebrating the landmarks and places we still see today, it's also about celebrating the places which sadly did not survive the corridors of time yet played poignant and major roles in Idahos history and evolvement.

Today we honour the (originally two words) Oro Fino (Spanish for 'Fine Gold') Gold mining camp. Researching this place presented a bittersweet nostalgic experience as it encompasses some fantastic successes yet is tinged with tragedy.

Let's take a look at what Orofino mining camp brought to Idaho while she was here and tell our younger generations exactly why this is a great Idaho historical marker.

Orofino was originally known as Oro Fino, a gold mining camp which was established way back in 1861 and is recognised today as Idahos very first commercial centre. Initially the town held a population of just five hundred people, sixty houses and ten stores, a handful of gambling saloons and whisky stores, two bakeries and two butcher shops. Business was booming and communities thriving.

The next few years truly were 'gold' as houses were being erected daily, schools were opened, commerce flourished, children played, families connected and gold was mined! While it lasted, it was perfect. A fine example of what community can do when they stand strong together. 

Tragically, on August 10th in 1867 the town burned down after being left abandoned. Non tribal settlers entered Nez Perce and laid claims to the land when governments opened up the reservations to non residents. However, the Camas Prairie Railroad was completed in 1899 and trading outlets were set up on the land.

There are some great events still held at Orofino today. Why not take at look at their Boomershoot Annual Rifle event, head on out to the Clearwater County Fair and Lumberjack Days, or enjoy the towns vibrant July 4th celebrations.

Today we can acknowledge Orofino with pride.

Do you have any stories to share with us about Orofino City or know anyone linked to its glorious past? Please let us know in the comment section below, because when we remember, we are keeping history alive!

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