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Can Parallel Realms Exist | Otherwordly Parties At The Marland Mansion And Estate | Ponca, Oklahoma | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

The Marland Mansion is a 43,000sq ft Mediterranian revival style mansion known as ‘the palace on the prairie’ and is one of the largest residences in the South Western United States.

Historically, the home was constructed in Ponca City, Oklahoma, during the 1920s oil boom, by former oil tycoon, and Oklahoma Governor, Ernest Whitworth Marland and his wife Liddy Marland.

The mansion was decadently filled with French limestone sculptures and rare original art pieces and the Marlands hosted many lavish events and parties from the mansion.

Governor Marland was responsible for first introducing fox hunting and polo sports to Oklahoma.

Sadly, in 1948, the estate was hit with financial problems and in 1958 the mansion was sold to the Sisters of Felix who added Angela Hall and opened the site as a school.

The Felitian Sisters later sold the home to the City of Oklahoma who opened it up to the public as an educational historical center preserving the history of Oklahoma.

The mansion today is shrouded in ghost stories and reports of phenomena including sightings of strange light anomalies, cabinets and doors seen opening on their own and run ins with ominous shadow figures in confined spaces.

There are tunnels running beneath the mansion, linking an old boat house and art studio, and within these confined passageways many have encountered chilling apparitions and unsettling disembodied chantings.

It is alleged the home is haunted by the spirit of Liddy, who actually lived as a recluse at the mansion.

Her apparition has been seen manifesting within corridors once darkness falls.

Maybe Liddy never really left.

Also reported are instances of electrical disturbance, batteries inexplicably dying, and audible sounds of glasses clinking, old timey music, like an otherworldly party in full swing on a parallel realm.

What do you think?

Can two realms run in parallel conjunction, each concealed from the other?

If parallel realms fascinate you too, you may enjoy our linked article below.

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