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The constant message driven home by TV week after week has finally shown it’s nasty blade to my back.  Every inspiring ghost hunter thinks every week will bring a new top notch venue.  A new experience that most anyone else has to pay for.  A new career of popularity driven by the hype machine that is paranormal TV.  Honestly, when Boise City Ghost Hunters was founded for the first very brief while we thought, “hey, this will be fun and exciting”.  Quickly we realized it was much more than running around in the dark chasing the unknown.  It was a job.  A job we didn’t get paid for.  A  job we volunteered for.  We started to understand fast that what we were thinking we were doing.  And what we actually were doing.  Were two completely different things.
The first time we as Boise City Ghost Hunters walked into a house where we found an entire family afraid for what looked to be their lives.  We knew it was much more than a fun Friday night.  Since that time Boise City Ghost Hunters has dedicated hours upon hours of time, energy, absence from our families, and money towards helping anyone we can find peace in their homes.
We may not have the greatest equipment.  We may not have the largest team.  We may not have an abundance of fancy, historical, allegedly haunted event centers to filter in the many who look for the next big thrill.  We may not always know the exact path to take with a client.  We do however have an unrelenting desire to learn and educate ourselves on a daily basis.  We do have courage that will stand up with any of our clients against the unknown.  We have intelligent minds that do their best to think outside of the box to find logical answers. And some of the most willing to help people you will ever find.  Being the founder of Boise City Ghost Hunters I swear to whoever will listen that Boise City Ghost Hunters will never fall into the media hyped, television corrupt, category of popularity and who has the better location to hunt.  Historical Landmarks and Haunted Villa’s would be great.  But not at the expense of those in our communities around the world that genuinely need our help.
I apologize for the rant.  Thank you to anyone who gave it consideration.  God is love!

Much respect to you and the team! So refreshing to see a group who are keeping their feet steadfast to the ground. Also fantastic that u remain at the service of your local community and havent been sucked into sensationalism. Great work! 

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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