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Paranormal Intervention at The Yuquina Head Lighthouse | Newport Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Can the paranormal readily intervene and interact in our realm today?

What do you think?

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport, Oregon, is officially the tallest lighthouse in the State at an impressive 93ft. The lighthouse was constructed in France during the 1800s and later shipped to the Oregon Coast.

There are continual reports of creepy and unexplained phenomena from in, and around, the lighthouse including stomping ghostly footsteps, loud bangings from the walls, to full spectrum apparitions. These spirit apparitions have been known to physically reach their hands out and stop the living in their tracks.

And if you don’t stop they will push, pull, and use force.

Visitors report feeling extremely uncomfortable, as if being watched by unseen eyes and rarely return a second time.

Frank Storey and Herbert Higgins both died here, one was a construction worker who became drunk and fell from a ladder, the other was a lighthouse keeper who had a fatal heart attack.

I wonder if something frightened him?

In 1998 emergency helicopters were called to rescue a dog who had fallen from a nearby cliff. Upon their arrival they speedily ascertained the location of the dog. It did not look promising as the dog had drifted some miles out in the stormy sea. Seconds later the dog appeared literally standing beside them.

How was this possible?

Did supernatural forces aid that dog in manifesting in a safe space?

Could this have been some sort of paranormal intervention?

US Coastguard obtained full management. The tower is fully operational today it offers tours, historical insight and educational exhibits via the Yuquina Head Outstanding Natural Area.

But is this site cursed?

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