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Penny Lane Poltergeist, Central Liverpool, UK

Most people know Penny Lane because of the 1967 Beatles song, and Strawberry Fields (pic of John Lennon at Strawberry Fields gates below).

One of Liverpools top tourist attractions. However it is only the locals who are aware of the paranormal activity surrounding this iconic Lane. 

Named after a historic Liverpool slave ship owner Mr Penny. House number 44 is known for its extremely active poltergeist.

Passers by claim to seeing the ghost of a young blonde haired girl looking down from an upstairs window.

The very first reports of people encountering this maleficent entity were back in 1890. There have also been sightings of a luminous white light surround with a blue aura which moves spontaneously around the area. Some belief the light may be of meteorological source whilst others believe it to be undeniably supernatural.

The house has been visited by reverend and priests alike in attempt to rid the property of any such entities, yet still to this day, unsettling events are being reported. One such event is that of a vehicle whose wheels seized up and brakes failed approaching the house which may suggest an evil spirit is present.

Many families have left the property as they could no longer bear the loud shaking floorboards, cupboards banging open and shut, loud thumping and screaming sounds!

Many believe it was the site where witches performed occult ritual and sacrifice many years ago and the bad energy still lingers.

The property was severly damaged by a bomb during World War II and for a while after this the entity quieted, only to return even fiercer! Maybe unhappy with the disruption?

International visitors flock to Penny Lane daily to see where John Lennon once hung out. So now you know its real paranormal history why not take a stroll down Penny Lane and see if you see the blonde haired apparition in the window of number 44?

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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