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Phantom Teacher at Glenns Ferry High School, Idaho

Glenns Ferry High School in Idaho is well known for its on site ghost!

One group of teenagers reported that whilst playing basketball in the playground they heard tremendous screams followed by total feelings of despair! There was nobody there but themselves!

It is believed by locals that the schools corridors are walked by the ghost of a former teacher who slipped and fell down steep stairs to her premature death! Many have witnessed an apparition, believed to be the said staff member, sitting on the very steps she perished upon!

It is said that the old schools basement has been described as 'literal evil'.

It is in this basement that a handful of friends claim they heard crying sounds. When they peered over the bathroom stall they saw a ghost girl, crying with blood emanating from her mouth and then she vanished into thin air!

Could the screams that are so frequently heard here be that of this unfortunate woman as she fell to her death?

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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