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Pistols at Dawn | The Elgin Opera House Ghosts | Oregon | Historical | Paranormal | IdaHaunts | BoiCGH

Elgin Opera House is allegedly haunted by the spirits of two men who perished mid gunfight, right here on the opera house entrance steps!

This grand colonial style opera house was erected by city officials in 1911 the building served as both a municipal site and also a performing arts venue.

One fateful night, mid 1800s, two men clashed heads, both passionately loved the same woman and wished to take her hand in marriage.

Matters of the heart rapidly turned to them drawing their guns, this would turn out to be their final gun duel and would sadly bind them to eternity, resulting in their deaths.

Apparitions of the ghostly duo have been frequently reported, one holding his chest and other already lying across the stone cold steps.

Ninety four years later, Terry Hale, Managing Coordinator established 'Friends Of The Opera' and organises performances today at the opera house, keeping the heart of opera alive!

Why not take a look at their webpage and see if there are any performances that appeal.

Just be careful as you walk the entrance steps!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM


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