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Pools Of Blood | The Haunted Harbors Of The Oregon Coast | Newport Lincoln County | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Oregon | BoiCGH

Welcome to the haunted harbors of the Oregon Coast.

Newport is home to Oregons largest aquarium, which was officially listed in the top ten best aquariums worldwide.

Newport is located off Yaquina Bay and was originally home to the Okona Tribes for at least three thousand years prior to the arrival of European settlers.

A coastal reservation was established in 1855 but, tragically, soon after most of the Yaquina tribes had been destroyed by disease, pandemic outbreak and a series of devastating forest fires.

Sam Case, a former soldier who worked on the reservation erected the towns very first small hotel called The Ocean House which he named in honor of his favorite Rhode Island hotel. He further named the settlement area as Newport.

In 1868 a small Post Office opened its doors and the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse began operating in 1871 and was replaced by the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in 1874. This is the last standing wooden framed lighthouse on the Oregon coast today.

There is a local tale that in 1899 a lady named Muriel Trevinard was left all alone in Newport town by her father, a sailor, who said she was no good onboard and returned to the seas without her.

Feeling lost and lonely, one afternoon Muriel decided to join a group of tourists at the Yaquina lighthouse. Once the tourists had all gone home Muriel realized she had left her handkerchief at the lighthouse so went back inside to retrieve it.

Soon after, the tourist group heard agonizing screams and ran back inside to see what the commotion was. Chillingly, all they discovered was a crimson pool of blood with a handkerchief nearby.

Muriel was never seen again.

Locals have argued for many years about this tale. Some say it’s just folklore, others are adamant it actually took place.

So how can we explain the continual full spectrum apparitions of a young woman, gazing down from the windows of a reportedly empty lighthouse?

Also sighted is the ghost of who is believed to be Captain McClure who died aboard his capsizing ship on this very coast during 1874.

The coastal bay today is a thriving tourist attraction offering boat rides, novelty shops, fishing and restaurants.

But be prepared to hear audible crying and sobbing sounds as you walk the coast at night.

And if you gaze up at the lighthouse windows you might catch a glimpse of Muriel herself.

Forever trapped at the place she disappeared, without trace.

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