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Gravitational Pull of Pink Super Moon | Factual | Seasonal | Community | Paranormal

Stargazers are set for a treat on April 26th when the skies will present the Pink Super Moon, the biggest and brightest moon of the year! This is the first of two supermoons set for 2021 with the next one expected May 26th.

The pink super moon is estimated to peak at 4.31pm British Time Tuesday 27th April measuring just 222 miles away from the earth. Because this moon is closer to earth it is expected to present a much stronger 'gravitational' pull which will result in extreme storms and higher tides. 

Paranormal circles have suggested the moon activity may trigger activity on the spirit realms.

The moon will not necessarily appear pink coloured unless specific atmospheric conditions are met, although a slight pink hue may be detected. The name Pink Moon was named in hour of native tribal flower called the Wild Ground Phlox which typically also reveals itself in the month of April.

The moon will be a truly rare spectacle and worthy of observation due to its luminescence and sheer size.

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