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Quarantine Ghosts, Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital | New York, New York | Historical | Haunted | United States of America | Paranormal

As we are all 'quarantined' I felt this post was apt! Hoping our readers and followers are keeping well! Stay safe!

Hailed as one of Americas 'greatest haunted sites' the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital, was abandoned in the early 1950s and although still dilapidated, has now officially been reopened and offers guided tours!

There are exciting plans to bring the hospital back to its former structural glory and enterprises have joined to raise the required and no doubt substantial rennovation funds.

The hospital was originally used to care for people who were deemed unfit to enter the country. It is recorded that over 3,500 immigrants sadly died here but 350 babies were also delivered.

It is said that there are some rooms you would not wish to enter alone such is the level of paranormal activity within them!

During the early 1900s there was an alarming return of pandemics, penicillin and antibiotics had just been discovered, and immigration levels climaxed!

Most immigrants were admitted to this hospital which was at that time known as one of the most advanced medical centres worldwide with 90 percent of patients succeeding with treatment and going on to live normal and healthy lives.

Many who suffered incureable ailments such as scarlet fever or cholera were simply sent back home.

A large portion of patients with infectious disease would strictly require quarantine, and were sent to the 'Quarantine Wing' the fear was so great that their diseases would become rampant with no known defence system in place.

Florence Nightingale ordered that large windows be placed between rooms to aid the mental health of the 450 inpatients.

There have been numerous reports of dark shadow people and loud cries echoing down hallways. One visitors claims he witnessed an apparition near the morgue area located in the basement.

Ellis Island is also known as The Island of Tears. Why not take a tour and let us know if it lives up to its name.

There is an online documentary called 'Forgotten Ellis Island'  which was produced by Lorie Conway, be sure to check it out!

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