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Real Life Friday 13th Horrors | Community | Seasonal | Factual | Traditions | BoiCGH

Today is Friday 13th and whether that makes you want to hide under the covers or celebrate with a good horror movie and some popcorn, (i know which one i'll be doing) we've got you covered!

Below are some actual friday 13th horrors! Did you know that during the 1800s public torture and hangings always took place on friday 13th. The nazis dropped multiple bombs on Buckingham Palace on a friday 13th, and in Geoffrey Chaucers famous 'Cantebury Tales' the date was referenced as a 'bad luck warning'. 

Many believe friday 13th to be the unluckiest date on the calendar with much myth and superstition surrounding it. However, we think you'll agree, there was nothing mythical about the following 'real life' crimes.

The Real Crystal Lake Killer in Finland

In 1960 an 18 year old and two 15 year olds were mercilessly attacked by a machette yielding maniac while camping at Lake Bodum in Finland. Only the 18 year old survived, the other bodies were never discovered.

The Worcester Bogeyman

In 1973 the lives of three innocent children were taken by their very own babysitter, David McGreavy, left horrifically impaled on garden railings. Mr and Mrs Ralph had taken David McGreavy in as a tenant as he was a long time trusted friend. Horrifically their lives would never be the same again.

Aviation Nightmare

One friday 13th in 1972, two large aircraft collided. One was carrying the Uruguayan Rugby team, the other a commercial flight en route to Moscow. 200 people sadly died that fateful day, yet 28 survived. Catastrophically the 28 survivors later succumbed to the harsh climates of the Andes mountains. Their story was made into the film 'Alive'.

Australian Inferno

One friday 13th in 1939, in what is known as Australias 'Black Friday', a series of out of control bush fires wiped out multiple towns throughout the Victoria region killing 71 individuals and destroying 4 million acres of fertile land. The events are recorded as Australias worst ever natural disaster and remembered every year on friday 13th as Black Friday.

Wall Street Hates the 13th!

It is commonly known that Wall street traders have a fear of the 13th since the Black Friday Crash of friday 13th 1989 when a failed takeover deal for United Airlines caused catastrophe for their markets.

Interestingly, Judas was the 13th Apostle in the Bible.

In 1993 British Medical journals recorded a 52% increase in hospitalisation due to automobile accidents on friday 13th.

From all at Boise City City Ghost Hunters team, Happy 13th.

Please share any of your own friday 13th stories with us below. 

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