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Real Life Halloween Tales | All Year Long | Factual | Seasonal | Halloween

We promised to keep Halloween going all year long and here at Boise City Ghost Hunters, we keep our promises!

Here is a true life tale which centres around the Halloween season.

1. A London Nightmare

A West London family who had newly relocated to a brand new home, an enormous family mansion in the countryside, claim to experiencing traumatic paranormal events which greatly affected them. The effects on this family were so great they sought counselling and medical help and still have nightmares about the place even today.

The older sister says she was traumatised by a ghost named George who would not leave her alone at night. George had a child named Abbey with him who wanted to play. The children were literally thrown about their bedrooms by unexplained invisible swirling forces yet claim they could not get out because their room would be somehow 'bricked shut'.

The father was very cynical to begin with and this caused some division within the home. The mother was adamant the home was undoubtedly haunted, claiming her six month old baby would wake crying looking up terrified towards the ceiling and on other occasions she had literally witnessed entity walk into the room and sit down next to her.

As time progressed the father himself could not deny the home was 'pure evil' as he observed the ensuing events and even he himself was pursued by a dark entity which attached itself to him, even following him to his car and almost causing him to crash. Also experienced was the family being 'suffocated' at night and waking up with hands around their throats but describe feeling paralysed and unable to get up from the bed.

One Halloween they had friends around to celebrate and all the children ventured to play upstairs in their spooky dress up clothes. Moments later, the parents heard piercing screams and ran upstairs to see what had happened. The children claimed they saw an angry man with a white face who had shouted at them saying "get out! you shouldn't be here!".

Upon researching the property the parents discovered the site had been historically known for witchcraft rituals and ceremonies! Apparently the local folk were aware of the buildings past but maintained the history be withheld from potential buyers, like a 'secret silence' pact almost.

A local Priest was called in who performed an exorcism of the property. That very night the children said 'mummy the ghosts have gone to heaven haven't they'.

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