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REAL New Year Chills | Factual | Horror | Festive | Community | Fireside

The lights are still twinkling and good cheer is in the air. 

But thats not what this article is about. Oh no! Here we bring you factual New Year horror.

New Years Eve has been celebrated for more than 4,000 years when the Babylonians begun a traditional 'Akitu' Festival.

Here are seven creepy things that ACTUALLY happened on New Years Eves!


One new years eve a man claimed he received strange unexplained phantom text messages which began making him feel extremely uneasy. 

One message read "im outside". Frightened, the man searched the proximity of his home but found nothing. An hour later he received another message which read "im now inside". The man frantically contacted police who sought to speedily trace the source of the incoming messages.

The calls were traced to the mans attic where a man had been hidden for days prior! So be sure to check your homes carefully  tonight! 


We all fear seeing a strange face at the window. In Alabama 2015 one new years eve a local man donned a mask preceded to interrogate local households by peering through windows! Alabama media reporters claim "we were glad to see him arrested as we do not know the full intent of his plans". I have a feeling things could have become much more sinister had the police not intervened.


On new years eve 2014 a Florida man decapitated his mother with an axe stating to police officers that "she made me angry"! But the creepiest thing is that on his police mugshot photo he is smiling! Turns out he resented his mother for asking him to move some boxes! He became known as the Norman Bates killer.

From all at the team we wish our community a very Happy New Year!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 

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