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Robert de Bruces Castle, Tottenham🇬🇧UK

Bruce Castle in Tottenham, England, also known as 'Lordship House' is a 16th century Manor made from original Tudor bricks with walls 3 feet thick. 

Originally owned in 1254 by part of the De Bruce family, when Robert the Bruce became King of Scotland.

In the mid seventeenth century at the castle lived a Lady. Her name was Lady Constantia Lucy (see pic below) who sadly killed herself by jumping off a balcony, taking a child with her.

For many years she was kept prisoner, under lock and key in a tiny room, by her very own husband. 

The property was later owned by a good friend of Henry VIII, Sir William Compton.  Henry VIII actually stayed at the castle and dined with his sister Margaret Queen of Scotland and in 1593 Queen Elizabeth also visited. The castle was also as refuge from the Plague. 

In 1626 Hugh Hare lived there and he died a sudden and painful death by choking on a turkey bone at a supper one evening. The irony being that he had actually joked about choking the evening prior!

Hughs son, Henry Hare, inherited the manor and moved in with his young beautiful bride Constantia Lucy, the unfortunate Lady mentioned above. The story goes he grew tired of his wife and banished her to the top of the towers where she became so lonely and unhappy she jumped to her death. 

Lady Constantia Lucy has since been known as the 'Ghost of Bruce Castle' and many sightings of her have been seen by many fascinated guests.

Rich in history and an honour to see, will you walk in Robert The Bruces footsteps?  maybe you will catch a glimpse of a very worthy, yet unfortunate, Lady. 

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE. COM



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