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Roosevelt's Hidden Underwater Ghost-Town | Roosevelt, Idaho | History | Ghost | IdaHaunts

Do you want to know a secret?!

Roosevelt has it's very own 'Atlantis' hidden just beneath the surface of it's Lake.

You may wonder how a whole town came to disappear underwater? Let me tell you...

Once considered the 'Boom Town' of the Central Valley mining industry, with a population of around 7000, Roosevelts trade peaked around 1809 when they traded with Thunder Mountain who were the worlds leading gold producers at that time. The town was highly publicised and certainly earned its mark in history!

However, tragically disaster hit! Two major factors were to cause catastrophy, the first being a heavy and unexpected 'wet' season, the second being worsening underground hydraulic damages caused during the mining.

These forces combined causing multiple devastating landslides. Although the town stood firm, it succumbed to the gigantic mud and water build up which eventually swallowed the town whole, submerging her to an eternity of silence (see pic below).

On a calm day if you stand at the Lakes edge you can still she shimmering silhouettes of some of the buildings, a truly haunting and bittersweet sight.

Some of the locals have collected debris and items that have floated to the surface, now seen as treasures of ghost town.

Often called 'suicide' and 'forgotten' town, a stark reminder of what once was and how things can be changed in an instant.

If ever you are in the Central Valley area be sure to take a look at Roosevelt Lake!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM


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