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Seasonal Haunt Fun Or Real Paranormal Activity? | The Lost Souls Attraction | Shelley, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

If you live in Shelley, Idaho, you will know the old hospital site on State Street.

In 2017 Camilla and Andrew Christiansen opened the attraction for the very first time at the Virginia Theater, Shelley Idaho. They named it Theater of the Lost Souls on accounts of the sheer volume of visitor reports of real life paranormal encounters here.

This venue operates as a seasonal Halloween haunt, which runs through October, with employed actors/actresses, props, ghouls and scares.

But did you know the Christiansens also purchased an actual historical hospital building also used as a haunt and that building is believed to be actively haunted?

The hospital site operated from 1909 to 1926 and is filled with tight corridors and dark corners. The hospital suffered many incidents of vandalism and even fire, yet stands today.

Fascinating that these are the original hospital rooms, the musty basement, the creepy surgical room, it’s all real.

Maybe this is why so many folks claim sighting such a wide array of unexplained phenomena whilst visiting here.

The couple stated that they did employ two young male actors to linger around the basement area, so were alarmed when visitors kept mentioning how terrifying the little girl in the basement was. They never employed a little girl and this realisation was pretty alarming to them.

Are people witnessing the spirit of a past child patient? Is that what’s really terrifying?

The Christiansens confirm that they can recount many times customers have reported witnessing genuine ghosts whilst here.

So next time you see a ghostly figure approaching you through the mist of the fog machine, you might want to check twice, is it an actor, or could you be experiencing a genuine paranormal encounter?

Ghostly attraction or real haunt, let us know your thoughts.

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