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Spectres Crafts And Secrets at The Wright Patterson Air Force Base | Greene County Ohio | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Welcome to Ohio, also known as the Buckeye State and home to The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Located in Greene County, Ohio, this is a United States, census designated military base, near East Dayton, considered the most complex and diverse of its kind in all of America.

Wilbur and Orville Wright, also known as the Wright Brothers, established a flight testing programme which excelled during the early 1900s, honing in on piloting skills, and advanced analytical data.

The Airforce Base was named in their honour and proudly retains a deep and intricate historical timeline. It was here the very first Wright Brothers flight tests set off, from basic gliders all the way up to more recent projects including complex investigative space age research.

The Base was used as a strategic air command release site but did you know that, throughout the years, there have been hundreds of panicked reports of the strange and unexplained sightings here?

Phenomena includes eery phantom aeroplanes and unidentified crafts hovering amidst the night skies. Onlookers have described how it appears there is some level of disturbance and commotion between the military pilots and these strange unidentifiable crafts.

In 1988 there was an interview involving United States Air Force General Curtis LeMay and Senator Barry Goldwater. Many questions were raised regarding the unexplained crafts. Senator Goldwater requested that he be granted permission to secure the base and dig deeper. He wanted to know exactly what was taking place at the Base.

Senator Goldwater was immediately cut off and vehemently instructed that he would not be granted access and NEVER to speak of it again.

Ex stationmen have shared how there are secret underground tunnels housing alien ‘material’ and active ghosts. Many believe these statements linked to the Roswell incident of 1947. It is suggested these tunnels are where forces hid from Soviet attack during the Cold War.

Is it unsettling for some to discover that these tunnels are linked to the Wright State University building.

Disembodied screamings, loud booming sounds, walking apparitions of men, women and small children have all been encountered here.

Five officers claim they were interrupted during meetings by a ghostly child who ran into the room crying and visibly traumatised. The boy was small with blonde hair and literally disintegrated into thin air.

Building 219 is located in the basement and is reportedly the most supernaturally active room. The basement was originally utilised as a morgue and staff have sighted hundreds of naked spectres aimlessly roaming where the dead were once held.

Cleaning staff report difficulty accessing rooms, although the doors are unlocked with no visible obstruction. A dark oppressive force seems to prohibit entry from behind the doors. Moments later the doors will mysteriously open with ease.  

Aviation excellence or supernatural performance?

Wright Patterson Airforce Base is owned by the Department of Defense and currently open with regular duty procedures in place, employing over 30,000 staff today. The establishment performs criterial work in logistical research.

Why not visit The National Museum of US Air Force today and see the spectacular hangars and even enjoy a walking tour.

Could there be more than just Government officials inhabiting this location?

What do you think?

Let's discuss things in the comment section below.

Or are some secrets better kept.... secret?

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