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Seductive Spirits at the Orleans Waterfront Inn | Orleans Massachusetts | Historical | Haunting | Paranormal | America

Orleans Waterfront Inn and Restaurant in Massachusetts was built in 1875 by Aaron Snow. The inn has a noteworthy reputation as one of Massachusetts most haunted locations and is a popular hotspot with paranormal investigators.

In the 1920s the inn operated as a brothel and is believed to be actively haunted by multiple entities. The spirit of Paul, a previous kitchen worker who committed suicide, is often encountered here. His apparition has been seen eerily swinging from the basement rafters right where he hung himself, causing many guests and staff flee this room in horror. Also sighted is the spirit of Fred, a past bar worker, his disembodied voice is often heard nonchalantly calling out bar orders, duly unnerving many guests.

But most noteably is the spirit of a past prostitute named Hannah who worked here during the buildings brothel days. Sadly Hannah was murdered outside at the front of the inn and it is believed she haunts the premises to this very day. Hannahs apparition is frequently reported by guests and visitors. Hannahs enticing willowy silhouette has been known to manifest completely naked, dancing seductively on tables.

Owner, Ed Mass, states that he himself has encountered Hannah but was initially unaware that she was a ghost! One night he passed a naked lady on the stairs, the lady said 'hello' and Ed replied 'hello'. A few hours later Ed was contacted by a good friend who urged him to erect some curtains to the fifth floor, claiming that there was a naked young lady dancing around in the window. Ed replied that the fifth floor was closed off and that there were no guests up there.

Could this have been the ghost of Hannah reliving an amorous night of old?

Slamming doors, muffled screams, candles igniting, and unexplained shadow figures are a mainstay here at the inn. Could you sleep a night here?

If you feel like you're up for the challenge, and you're not offended by X Rated ghosts, go right ahead and see for yourself.

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