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There are many things that are unseen, but THEY ARE STILL THERE regardless.

Utah, also known as The Caribbean Of The Rockies, is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Bear Lake is located on the South East part of the State and spans the Idaho/Utah border.

The land surrounding the lake was original Indian hunting grounds. Buffalo and black bear were rich in abundance here, hence the name of the lake, Bear Lake.

Here you will find an array of activities such as fishing, hiking and boating.

During the 1860s there were whispers, amongst Pioneer settlers in Utah, of a monster who inhabited Bear Lake.

This serpent like sea creature is said to lurk in the deep dark depths of the lake and occasionally rise up from the waters and physically grab tribal folks up who were bathing at the waters edge.

Those people were never seen again, but carried away by the sea monster.

By 1933 the stories about this monster began to reach other tribes, nations, cities, eventually the sea monster attack stories were brought to the attention of the whole world.

In July 1868 a Salt Lake City newspaper released an article titled ‘Monsters In Bear Lake’ which naturally unsettled many local communities.

However, as a result, many local pioneers came forward, retelling their own personal experiences of witnessing the sea monster which is described as over ninety feet long gaining speeds of over 60mph.

They described seeing a dragon like head and an unnaturally long neck coming up from the waters. Fishermen and hunters dare not enter their boats without safety rope, so convinced they were that they’d become the next victim. At least they had brought a rope to lasso around the creatures neck.

Geologists have considered that this creature could be a prehistoric entity which remains lingering here from Lake Bonneville thousands of years ago.

In 1871 a fisherman reports he captured what they believe to be the baby of the sea creature, a twenty foot long with tail and two legs and mouth large enough to swallow a man in one piece.

Mysterious prehistoric beast or supernatural entity?

Which one do you think the Bear Lake monster is?

Drop a comment below and let us know if you live in Idaho or Utah and have ever visited Bear Lake.

Now that you have read its history would you return again and let us know if you experience anything paranormal?

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