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Seeing what is not there | Paranormal | Boise | Idaho

A recent conversation with one of our Facebook followers reminded me of a phenomena I myself have experienced.  A phenomena called "Sensed Presence". 

When we had our Golden Retriever and  Labrador Retriever I would often find myself feeling them walking behind me.  Sometimes I would actually talk to them.  The only thing is that when I would turnaround they were either across the room.  Or not even in the same area of the house as me.  It always baffled me how the mind could get used to certain situations or routines and recreate them without it actually happening.  

Not long after we put our second pup down I started having those sensations again.  So much that on occasion I would walk to the backdoor to let him out.  I 100% believed he was right there behind me.  This was over a year ago and I still have moments where I will talk to him just to realize there is no dog there.

Although my situation revolved around me not necessarily seeing my dogs, but feeling them behind me.  Sensed Presence can come in many forms.  Some have been known to have their experiences with full apparitions clear as day in front of them.


Wow fascinating! I hear about this alot! It really helps to know there are other people experiencing the same sort of things! Great post

I never realized this had a name...

Me neither! I am loving learning new things in this community @boise-yankee

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