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Sensed Presence | Paranormal | Informational

Have you ever wondered why some people see ghosts and apparitions?

There are many avenues for discussion here and we find this topic fascinating to say the least, so we thought we would mention a few!

Before proceeding we would like to state that we do not doubt that some truly believe and claim they have experienced the paranormal. We are simply here to discover all possible sources and causes of such events where, and if, possible.

Many believe that 'sensed presence' often accompanies times of distress, isolation, feelings of total fear, trauma. That 'fight or flight' survival mode. In most of these cases, the mind has often been found to induce a perception that 'someone else is there' in order of compensating such fear.

Many who witness such feelings often report to being in new, or unknown, or strange territory.

'Sensed presence' has also been described as a feeling of 'being watched' or that "someone else is in the room'.

Presences can vary in intensity from vague all the way up to visual apparition or spirit.

Real or not? Our mission is to to endeavour to find out with each and every investigation.

One thing that seems common ground with many such incidents is that of an extremely low room temperature.

We were fascinated to discover that even global geomagnetic activity for example severe atmospheric fluctuation may also come into the equation by way of momentarily altering brain chemistry which may be responsible for 'tricking' the mind into seeing what may not really be there.

The brain is complex yet fragile and open to altered visual and perception as it constantly reacts to surrounding stimuli.

Psychologist say that many sensed presences and apparent apparitions may be induced by our own bodies 'protection agents' which activate when we feel threatened.

When we are afraid or shocked, our senses are heightened, aroused, it may just be a stray cat, a gust of wind, yet our bodys job is to keep us in that heightened fear mode, ready to run to safety. These are the seconds where many sightings are reported.

Did you know that people who report to experiencing something paranormal are highly likely to be empaths, compassionate, and feel deeply.

Real or not? We believe possibly ALL of these factors have some contribution in this topic.

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*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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