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Sharon Tate at the Jean Harlow House | Los Angeles, California | Haunted | History

The Jean Harlow mansion situated in Beverley Hills was once home to the stunning 1930s blonde bombshell Hollywood actress Jean Harlow. The home is also famous for the horrifically gruesome murders committed here by the Charles Manson cult killers who took the lives of many, including the much loved actress Sharon Tate (wife of Roman Polanski) both pictured below.

In 1963 celebrity hair stylist moved into the home with actress Sharon Tate who actually was terrified living there and told multiple friends that the home was actively haunted by many ghosts.

She claimed that whilst resting in her master bedroom she witnessed an apparition of a man hanged from a stair rail just swinging with his throat slit. Also a 'creepy small man' who would go about the room unaware of her presence and then run straight past her. Sharon is believed to have reported so many paranormal occurences there were too many to count!

Many believed it could have been the ghost of Jean Harlows first husband Paul Bern who shot himself in cold blood found with a suicide placed next to his body yet many debate the circumstances as suspicious and disbelieve it was suicide but rather murder.

This home has hosted hundreds of Hollywood parties, as is the life of great and noteable movie stars. Yet this home is bathed in much bloodshed and many victims fought for their last breaths here so its no surprise that the home may be paranormally active with the energies trapped therein.

There are also stories of two further people who had died at the homes swimming pool, could it have been their spirits? Add to all this the many lives which were so cruelly taken by the Charles Manson cult including Sharons and now the mansion is known worldwide as one of the most paranormally active and haunted locations in America.

You may be interested to read E. J Flemmings book titled 'Paul Bern - The Life & Famous Death of the MGM Director and Husband of Harlow'.


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