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Shattered | Strange | Paranormal Experience | Idaho

This story begins upstairs in our bonus room.  While sitting at my desk I heard a loud pop followed by lots of little pops coming from downstairs.  Not knowing where the sound came from I immediately rushed down to find the source.  My first thought was to check our bathrooms and bedrooms.  Unfortunately my search came up empty.  At first glance while exiting the hall everything in the kitchen seemed in place.  But, when I reached the kitchen I noticed pieces of glass all over the floor.  Still not knowing the exact source I started to look around.  That's when I noticed our cookbook holder that sat on top of our refrigerator was missing the glass panel that protected the pages of the book.  It appeared that the glass panel had shattered.  The question I had was, why?  There were no temperature fluctuations in the house.  No windows were open.  What would cause the piece of glass to spontaneously shatter?

To this day I don't have an explanation.  I have read that tempered glass can shatter spontaneously.  But that happens primarily when it is an install vs a piece just sitting atop a cookbook holder.  The Construction Specifier has a pretty good breakdown of glass and why it would break.

I am not saying this occurrence is or was paranormal activity.  I am simply saying the temperatures and environment at that time do not point to the reasons I have read for glass spontaneously breaking.  Either way it was an experience.  Maybe someone else has had a similar experience that could shed more light onto mine.

Hello Michael thanku for sharing your experience! Yes i too have had similar things occur! Some with viable explanation, others without. I often hear noise in one of the rooms in our home, it always seems to come from the same far corner, sounds like a plastic bag being scrunched but theres nothing there to see. Who knows, maybe its just typical house changes ie swelling pipes, floorboards who knows. Another time i physically saw a pen move across my bedside cabinet, there was no draft or balance issues.



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